• The story of our success


30-year anniversary of INVARIS Informationssysteme GmbH


Appointment of Ing. Hans-Andreas Zsoldos as a Senator by the European Economic Senate


In 2013 INVARIS received the Swiss ECM Award for the innovative implementation of a project for PostFinance.


Second place in Burgenland Innovation Awards


In summer 2005, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce put forward INVARIS for the State Award given out by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. Our high quality standards, international focus, extremely stable financial situation and economic importance for Austria were the deciding reasons why we won the award on 2nd February 2006. Few IT manufacturers had received the State Award before then. 


Key management systems were added to the DCS 2000® product family. Multichannel support was extended to encompass mobile devices and browser applications.


Major energy suppliers chose DCS 2000® for fast and professional integration into SAP IS/U.

FORMSTATION® and DCS were successfully integrated into LOTUS NOTES.

INVARIS became an IBM business partner.

XEROX Germany became a key sales partner.

DCS 2000® enabled high-performance, high-volume generation of PDF documents on the basis of dynamic structures. Large-scale users used DCS to implement PDF output in a groundbreaking way in just a few weeks..


The DLA 2000® architecture and the DCS and FORMSTATION® software stations on which it is based were used spontaneously in many different fields of application. SAP certified DCS 2000® for dynamic composition applications at the highest SAP integration level.  


LASERTECH changed its name to INVARIS and presented the revolutionary DLA 2000® architecture. i-FORMSTATION® and DCS 2000® opened up new dimensions in e-business. FORMSTATION® was used in more than 200 banking organisations at this point. The INVARIS Center in Eisenstadt, Austria became the new INVARIS headquarters.


By now over 500 major German customers had chosen FORMSCRIPT® architecture and used more than 6000 licensed products of the DESIGNER/32 application development system.


Key banking organisations, authorities and energy suppliers chose the FORMSTATION® platform and performed almost all of their interactive business processes using FORMSTATION®.


FORMSTATION® was launched as professional form editing software based on MS WINDOWS.


FORMSCRIPT®-based software licences were sold via well-known manufacturers and distributors in Europe, the USA and South Africa in 1991.


FORMSCRIPT® was launched internationally as open architecture and was registered in all key industrial nations. With the FORMSCRIPT® "de facto" standard, INVARIS's technological superiority was demonstrated to impressive effect. Subsequently, FORMSCRIPT® not only led to dramatic cost reductions among major users, but also to full vendor independence.


INVARIS was founded in Vienna under the name LASERTECH as a development house for laser printing technology, and then focused on extensive development work to achieve a multi-vendor software standard to uniformly support different printing systems and processes.