• "We succeeded in securely replacing our old system by using INVARIS software"

    Ärzteversorgung Niedersachsen

Case study: Ärzteversorgung Niedersachsen

"By using INVARIS software and with side-by-side support from the INVARIS Professional Services team, we succeeded in securely replacing our old system in a very short period of time, which we didn't think would be possible before the project started."

Peter Sieghan – Head of Accounting and IT


  • Infrastructure that had developed over time with different software solutions for creating, editing and producing documents
  • Use of different, partially redundant technologies to manage templates
  • Demand for a more future-proof design due to outdated solutions


  • Fast replacement, with 180 forms implemented within six months
  • Batch and on-demand processing, including output processing, for collecting, sorting and combining documents
  • Gradual replacement of the remaining legacy systems with a modern, centralised complete solution for document creation (1.25 million pages annually)