• Business Partner

INVARIS is your perfect partner for implementing future-proof software installations. Partnership-based collaboration is part of our corporate culture and is essential for intensive cooperation with innovative key customers, solution providers, consultancies and software manufacturers.

Business Partner Criteria

Achieving success together

Innovative customers nowadays not only want the best technology, but they also want it implemented and launched quickly. To meet these requirements on an international level, INVARIS is always on the look-out for new highly-skilled organisations to add to its network of partners. INVARIS certifies its partners, which offer complementary services such as licence sales, project implementation, integration and commissioning, consulting services and first line support.

INVARIS partners include local and global IT manufacturers, software houses, consultancies, service providers and outsourcing specialists.

Because INVARIS has a highly selective approach to choosing partners, it can guarantee that the high quality seen in its own business processes also extends to its certified partners.

Business Partner Benefits

  • 30 years' experience in high-end applications
  • German-language support, which is also available locally, e.g. application analysis and solution architecture, consulting and launch support, technical and commercial evaluations and business representations
  • Software development in Austria
  • Faster implementation of solutions at the customer through the use of INVARIS platform technology
  • No risk because the products and components used have been tried and tested in the most challenging international installation scenarios
  • Competitive advantages through fully functional solutions that can be extended on a modular basis
  • Security thanks to consistent technological advancement of standard products and processes
  • Effective support from INVARIS Professional Service
  • Attractive partnership conditions in licence sales
  • Compelling options for selling services through partners
  • Expert support team with dedicated points of contact for professional project support
  • Short response times in all stages of a project
  • Focus on long-term business relationships

Become an INVARIS partner

If you are interested in a partnership with INVARIS, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.