• goSmart® JobManager

goSmart® JobManager is a high-performance system for efficient document management and processing. The key functions comprise collecting, combining and sorting documents, e.g. to optimise sending and therefore avoid multiple mailings.

Nowadays, companies and authorities are required to produce and distribute/send forms and documents in different formats from a variety of applications. This may be by post, e-mail, text message, through uploads to web portals or through archiving, e-files and electronic data interchanges such as EDIFACT or e-billing


  • Optimised sending regardless of the channel used
  • Seamless monitoring of every document (transparency and compliance)
  • Detailed analyses/reports including allocation to cost centres
  • Fast automation with no scripting/programming
  • Universal integration of many different applications
  • Optional insert management for the items you send
  • Time-based or results-based production control

FEATURES OF goSmart® JobManager:

  • Collection and analysis of input packages from various
    specialist applications and goSmart® ProcessManager
  • Indexed storage of document metadata in the database
  • Manual or automatic initiation of output orders
  • Creation of order information for production, e.g. for the print service provider
  • Monitoring to track the output orders
  • Initiation of reprints