• goSmart® TextRepository

goSmart® TextRepository gives you flexible options to greatly speed up the creation and maintenance of multi-client enabled and multilingual document templates and forms. Where companies and groups with international branches are concerned, goSmart® TextRepository offers database-assisted text management for different languages and clients.

Maximum responsiveness, minimum time to market and globalisation are what the market demands today. Innovative ways of automating customer communication are needed as a result. The traditional methods of creating document templates with rigid document structures and static text content are therefore no longer adequate for our contemporary needs.


    • Easy to implement and administrate via the web interface
    • Dynamic form and document content (automatic updates)
    • The cost of subsequent changes and revisions (spelling, terminology, style, etc.) is reduced as these are made centrally and implemented uniformly.
    • Flexible formatting options
    • Improvement of text quality
    • Integrated search function
    • Different rights profiles for content administration, management and maintenance

    FEATURES OF goSmart® TextRepository:

    • Dynamic document content is produced using text references
    • Text is managed in a database using a web interface
    • Complete integration with user-friendly search function in goSmart® Designer
    • Document creation is always based on the latest approved version
    • Web-based interface for creating and maintaining text references
    • Editing and/or translation in the document context
    • Option to switch between the version under development and the live version
    • Dynamic creation of multilingual document versions
    • Involvement of external service providers in the translation process
    • Definition of default languages if a language is not available
    • Support for administration, editing and approval
    • Manage rights through defined roles
    • Numerous character and paragraph formats are supported
    • Versioning with history and version comparison