• INVARIS Professional Service

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU – from project planning right through to support

Use the INVARIS Professional Service to gain expert, comprehensive support at any time for launching INVARIS products and implementing your specific projects.

Our highly skilled and experienced consultants support your projects from conception to implementation and ensure a successful and timely realisation. Together we explore your individual need for support and the extent of our services.

INVARIS offers an extensive modular training programme for all components of INVARIS software and its applications.

The training courses and workshops can be held at the INVARIS training centre or on the user's premises. In addition to the INVARIS trainers, hand-picked, certified INVARIS partners have in-depth knowledge of our products and can also provide extensive product training.

We can put you in touch with partner organisations that are in a perfect position to meet your requirements thanks to their regional location or specialist expertise. It goes without saying that we also offer tailor-made training and support programmes to meet your particular needs.

INVARIS Professional Service specialists have many years of expertise in implementing complex tasks relating to form, document and output management.
We are more than happy to share this expertise with both our customers and our prospective customers:

  • Analysis of the current situation in form and document management
  • Creation of the perfect form and document strategy including feasibility studies
  • Support for meeting new requirements and/or integrating applications
  • Consulting services for SAP & forms/documents

Use the INVARIS Professional Service to access specific design and migration services that can be used both during the project implementation phase and also during day-to-day operations.

As part of the design/migration service, INVARIS can:

  • Analyse the document structures
  • Work out the perfect document strategy
  • Analyse and optimise the application interfaces and data integration
  • Create forms/documents from scratch and/or migrate existing ones, including data integration
  • Provide support for tests and quality control
  • Provide support for your rollout/launch
  • Provide documentation and transfer know-how to the customer

The INVARIS solution offers you these benefits:

  • Your project teams have a smaller workload
  • The time taken to receive benefits is minimised
  • The expertise of INVARIS specialists is directly available

By concluding a Software Service agreement, you can guarantee your INVARIS module solutions will be kept updated with the latest technology,

The INVARIS Software Service has three key components:

  1. Software Service and Maintenance (release updates)
    You continually receive updates (and patches where applicable) released by INVARIS, with product enhancements, improvements and bug fixes

  2. Software Upgrade Service (release upgrades)
    You automatically receive the latest releases of the licensed software products. This means you participate automatically in product enhancement and development without incurring any additional costs. Version changes, e.g. from Windows to UNIX, are not included in the Software Service

  3. Software Support Service
    The INVARIS support service is available to employees at your organisation who have been trained by INVARIS or certified partners and covers all questions relating to licensed products and any sort of application problem