• Layout Factory

Outsourcing der Vorlagenerstellung

Layout Factory

Kundenkommunikation ist nur so gut wie Ihre Dokumentenvorlagen


  • Easy to use – thanks to the intuitive WYSIWYG user interface which requires no programming knowledge
  • Reusable document modules (e.g. text blocks, tables, variable graphics, charts, etc.) and an integrated test mode help save time and money in design work
  • Flexible and fast editing thanks to functions such as drag & drop
  • Maximum security and traceability thanks to a role-based authorisation concept
  • Having a central resource base avoids uncontrolled proliferation and ensures compliance with corporate identity requirements
  • Optimisation of printing and sending processes in addition to the design process

  • The multiple document interface allows multiple projects to be edited at the same time
  • Simplified editing thanks to the integrated structure view ("tree menu view")
  • Over 50 different standard graphic formats can be imported and scaled
  • International font standards are supported
  • Both RGB and CMYK colour models are supported
  • Graphical positioning tools for simple and precise positioning
  • Extensive selection of form and field objects (e.g. lines, squares, text fields)
  • The most important object properties can be quickly changed using toolbars
  • Lines, squares, but also complex form components are automatically and repeatedly positioned using the "Object repetition" function
  • Undo/redo function can be set to the number of actions you choose – numerous work steps possible
  • You can use the "Power search" function to search for texts across several projects
  • Online help

Wir klären mit Ihnen die Form der Leistung – ob bedarfsweise Übernahme des Vorlagendesigns, Übernahme fixer Aufgabenbereiche oder die Auslagerung Ihres Vorlagenmanagements. Sie definieren das Konzept des notwendigen Dokumentes und liefern CI-Vorgaben, Textbausteine, Angaben zu Varianten und Grafiken. Nach einem definierten Leistungszeitraum liefert die Layout Factory wiederverwendbare, einfach zu pflegende und beliebig adaptierbare Vorlagen – direkt in Ihr Vorlagenverwaltungstool.