• Solution Overview

Flexibility through diversity

The INVARIS Customer Communication Management (CCM) Suite offers our customers the highest customization option through their structured, flexible design. Specialized solutions and complete solutions are easily tailored to customer needs. Thanks to the process-oriented setup, every INVARIS product fits into your system seamlessly.

Create document templates

The first step to a professional document is a smart template! With us, you can implement your ideas in a multimedia way — fast, safe and easy.
Template Creation

Edit documents interactively

Modern day-to-day work encompasses major challenges that no employee is up to on alone. Successful companies are therefore based on good cooperation. We help you process documents together — in the office, on the go and mobile.
Document Editing

Test documents extensively

In the competition, the first impression — the first handshake, the first product, also the first correspondence, counts. So don't leave nothing to chance and test your documents! With our solution, documents can be controlled automatically and with real data.
Document Testing

Automatically generate documents

Redundancy is the mortal enemy of efficiency. It not only costs a lot of time in everyday life, but also money. Avoid unnecessary steps and repetitions in the company. With our intelligent system, documents can be automatically generated and made available from your existing data. Finally use your time for the most meaningful!
Document Preparation

Manage document processes

Process management is an important part of a modern company. Simply integrate your solution into our solution! We take the work away from you and deliver documents safely and quickly to your destination. Your personal digital postman.
Process Management

Processing documents

Send, copy, archive, sort. Managing finished documents can be exhausting and complicated. It doesn't have to, though. Our solution automates the output of finished documents and provides you with interfaces to various output channels — whether print, archive, email or directly to your website and social media platforms.
Document Processing

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