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goSmart® CCM Suite

The goSmart® CCM Suite enables the automated creation of documents from company-owned data, the production of CI-compliant individual documents, and the management of physical and electronic output channels.


The complete solution

In the age of digitalization, processes are becoming more and more complex. The demands on companies are increasing – and the same applies to software. Countless functions lead to a wide range of specialized individual solutions. Compatibility is generally underestimated, but can be the source of lots of problems. A modern complete solution brushes these problems aside and interlinks a company not only within its own departments but also with data suppliers and output customers, both online and in printed form.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Save time and money – through the automation of standardized documents
  • Personalized customer communication thanks to fully dynamic, interactive documents with the option to be provided in multiple languages
  • Compliance with company policies through integration of corporate identity
  • Low complexity thanks to web-based user interface
  • Easy integration of mobile devices
  • Maximum compatibility through direct connection of interfaces (e.g. SAP, CRM systems, etc.)
  • Optimization of processes through adaptation to company workflows and possibility to test documents
  • Intelligent output management enables seamless transfer of documents to output channels such as print, websites, or social media

Features of the goSmart® CCM Suite:

Comprehensive total package

  • Flexible integration of input and output interfaces
  • “Everything from a single source” leads to maximum document quality and software stability and
  • Promotes interconnectivity within the company

Automation of documents

  • Generates documents from company-owned data
  • Process automation results in time and cost savings
  • Pre-tests eliminate human error in corporate communication

Optimization of customer communication

  • Fully dynamic document structure enables personalized customer contact
  • Create multilingual documents with the push of a button

Uniform image in all communication

  • Compliance with corporate identity in all communication steps
  • Revision-safe documents through role management and end-to-end traceability
  • Maximum legal security through digital signature

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