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goSmart® TestCenter

goSmart® TestCenter takes on the task of integrated quality assurance with multistage test runs to check the effect of changes made to a document.


See the repercussions before they happen

Companies today have to deal with a constantly growing number of documents in different formats, versions, and variants. Changes to documents and release changes in the software companies use are especially critical. In these cases, it is crucial to be able to quickly identify the repercussions involved with changes to documents and to ensure that the new software release delivers the same results as the previous version.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Detailed presentation of manual and automated test runs
  • Time and cost savings through the elimination of the tedious search for errors
  • Clearly arranged document management
  • Clear presentation of the test results (test cockpit)
  • Interface for the integration of third-party software for comparison
  • Simultaneous testing of multiple output channels
  • The document is not raised to the next-highest environment (e.g. production) until the test results are correct

Features of goSmart® TestCenter:

Automated and manual testing

  • Test run definition for efficient testing of multiple document types
  • Fast and reliable test results
  • Clear presentation of the results

Multiple test cases per document type

  • Diverse testing options through adaptable assignment of test cases
  • All test scenarios can be covered
  • Correct display of the documents for each output channel
  • Definition of reference documents for comparison

Visual and analytical comparison

  • Testing of document view (PDF)
  • Testing of print data streams (AFP, PostScript, PCL) using external comparison tools

Management of test results

  • Clear presentation thanks to filter function
  • Results can be exported to common MS Office programs
  • Logging of all tests conducted

Workflow and role concept

  • Automation of workflows
  • Integration into the staging process
  • Clean separation of tests using permissions

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