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goSmart® FormStation® nXt

goSmart® FormStation® nXt enables interactive form editing
and automated text processing in the easy-to-use WYSIWYG mode.


Focus on essential content

Forms and documents offer a high level of presentation quality, a familiar user interface, and the structured presentation of information and your image to the customer. Focusing on essential content is becoming more important than ever before in light of the flood of information we are confronted with today.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Interactive form and document editing
  • Fully dynamic page preparation (no limits for complex document layouts)
  • Interactive collection of form data
  • Adherence to corporate design and compliance requirements
  • Faithful reproduction of the document in the editing mode
  • Freely definable configuration of the editing options
  • Context-driven selection of alternative text passages
  • Easy integration into online portals and specialized applications
  • Can be run directly in any HTML5-capable browser

Features of goSmart® FormStation® nXt:

Fully dynamic document architecture

  • Components, tables, text blocks, and adaptable graphics are available
  • Text, number, date, and time fields are available for the collection and presentation of data along with checkboxes, dropdown lists, and dynamically growing text processing fields. Barcodes and graphics are also displayed
  • Data-based dynamic document composition
  • Definition of dynamic document structures without programming

Integrated text processing

  • WYSIWYG document editing for the easy implementation of automated business correspondence
  • Seamless integration into online portals for customer interaction and specialized applications (e.g. CRM systems)
  • Freely configurable editing options
  • Company-specific configuration of the formatting options
  • Integrated multilingual spell-check

Omnichannel communication

  • Serve all online and offline channels with free selection of output format
  • Integration into centralized document production and distribution

Browser-based software

  • No client installation and no plug-in necessary
  • Simple rollout regardless of the device being used
  • Reduction of ongoing administration costs and increased application security and currency
  • Expansion of existing applications: easy integration into online portals and specialized applications

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Windows user?

You would like to work with a Windows-based interactive document editor? Then the FormStation® is the right solution for you!

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