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goSmart® TextRepository

goSmart® TextRepository provides you with flexible options for significantly accelerating the creation and maintenance of multi-client capable, multilingual document templates and forms. For companies and groups with foreign locations, goSmart® TextRepository enables database-driven text management for different languages and clients.


Maximization of response capacity

The maximization of response capacity, minimization of time to market, and globalization are key market requirements today. This calls for innovative ways to automate customer communication. The conventional process for creating document templates with rigid document structures and static text content is simply no longer adequate for today’s needs.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Easy to realize and administer via the web interface
  • Dynamic form and document contents (automatic updates)
  • Cost reductions for retroactive changes and corrections (spelling, terminology, style), because they can be implemented centrally and consistently
  • Flexible formatting options
  • Improvement of the text quality
  • Integrated search function
  • Various permission profiles for the administration, management, and maintenance of content

Features of goSmart® TextRepository:

Text references

  • Realization of dynamic document content using text references
  • Management of texts in a database via web interface
  • Complete integration with easy search function in goSmart® Designer
  • Document preparation is always performed with the most recent released version

Easy to operate user interface

  • Web-based interface for the creation and maintenance of text references
  • Editing and translation in the document context
  • Possible to switch between development version and production version
  • View grouped according to use cases

Multi-language support and multi-client capability

  • Dynamic creation of multilingual document variants
  • Incorporation of external service providers into the translation process
  • Definition of standard languages in the event that a language is not available

Workflow and role concept

  • Support for administration, editing, and release
  • Management of corrections through defined roles

Text formats

  • Support for numerous character and paragraph formats


  • Version control with history and version comparison

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