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goSmart® DCS

goSmart® DCS (Document Composition System) provides you with a pioneering software system for the
automated generation of dynamic documents from virtually any data source.


Optimization in every area

Today, companies and agencies use a wide range of different processes for the creation of forms and documents. These solutions have grown over time and often have severe weaknesses when it comes to user and customer acceptance, ease of maintenance, responsiveness to the need for change, process optimization, operational reliability, and revision security.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Dynamic content with full-color support for multi-client capable, multilingual documents
  • Maximum productivity and flexibility
  • Multichannel output: flexible document preparation for print, viewing, archiving, and web-based applications
  • Versatile interfaces for integration into specialized applications
  • Resource management including version control and deployment via goSmart® ResourceManager
  • Monitoring and management of processing steps in web interface

Features of goSmart® DCS:

Interfaces to specialized applications

  • Easy integration into specialized applications via standard interfaces such as web service, message queues, XML-RPC, LPR/LPD, hot folder monitoring, and customer-specific interfaces
  • Processing of diverse data formats such as XML, CSV, line data, SAP-RDI, SAP-XSF, SAP-XFP, etc.
  • Linking can occur synchronously with document restoration or asynchronously with status restoration

Data enrichment

Complete data is typically provided for preparation; incomplete data can be analyzed, corrected, and/or enriched in a preliminary process.

Scalability and operational reliability

  • The document preparation service can be run in different environments as needed, from a laptop to a high performance server
  • Instance separation for mass production and on-demand processing including packet prioritization
  • System stability thanks to the use of common cluster concepts on Windows and Linux servers

Web-based interface

  • Configuration of the document preparation processes
  • Configuration of the pre- and post-processing steps
  • Monitoring of the system and processing status
  • Restoration of incorrect packets/restart of the current processing step


  • Parallel preparation of multiple document formats in a single processing step
  • Output channel selectable via metadata
  • Native creation of common document formats such as PCL (5e, 5c, 6, XL), PostScript, AFPDS, label printer (ZPL, CPL, EPL, IGP, CAB), etc.
  • Native creation of diverse PDF variants (PDF/A, PDF/UA, PDF with fields)
  • Archive support via PDF and TIFF and the associated index information
  • Preparation of electronic document formats via HTML, e-mail, and text message


  • Step-by-step execution and monitoring of a processing chain
  • User-specific extensions possible via Python scripts
  • Control of mail servers and SMS gateways

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