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Outsourcing of template creation

With the INVARIS Layout Factory, you can rely on our years of experience
in the creation and management of document templates and forms.

The digitalization of customer communication and the implementation of omnichannel communication within companies lead to an increased need for templates for documents and forms. While the specialist departments are reliant upon the fast implementation of their requirements, the employees responsible for documents often do not have the resources to process the varied requests.

Our experience from countless customer projects shows that, especially in peak periods, the human resources or expertise needed for the implementation of complex document and form templates is not available.

Customer communication is only as good as your document templates

The INVARIS Layout Factory gives our customers access to our years of experience in document management and template creation. Whether you want to cover personnel shortages, balance out temporary peak periods, or completely outsource your document management – the Layout Factory turns your design and content specifications into dynamic, easy-to-manage templates.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Avoidance of organizational bottlenecks
  • Improvement in the quality of your documents
  • Optimization of your templates for easier management and maintenance
  • Fast reaction to requests by specialist departments
  • Security with regard to compliance and legal document requirements

It’s rare to find something truly remarkable.

Significantly more service, tailored to your needs

We work with you to determine the form the services will take – from on-demand template design to taking over specific areas of activity to the outsourcing of your template management. You define the concept for the required document and provide CI specifications, text blocks, information about variants, and graphics. After a defined performance period, the Layout Factory delivers reusable, easy-to-maintain, and fully adaptable templates – directly to your template management tool.

On demand

Coverage for peak periods

Resource shortages

In projects

Release updates

Specific areas of activity (fixed allotment)

Creation and maintenance of complex form templates

Performance of template creation for individual specialist departments

Complete template management

Performance of every aspect of template creation

End-to-end template management

Maintenance and upgrading of all templates for your company

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