Online forms automatically derived from the document template:
This is how efficient responsive online foms can be.

Online application forms for your online portal

You do not want do program them? You do not want to maintain additionally to the application form the application confirmation as a separate document template in the output management system? Maintain only one configuration for phone, tablet and desktop view? Avoid incomplete applications and incorrect entries?

What if all of this were possible all at once, quickly and easily?

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goSmart® FormStation® - Dialog-Mode

Online forms that guide your customers through the application process

Efficient application form processing on the preferred device
Forms that adapt to the environment via stylesheet configuration
Form input assistance and field input masks that avoid input errors
Form logic that displays buildingblocks only if they are relevant
Responsive application form respresentation in Dialog-Mode
On-the-fly switch between WYSIWYG- and Dialog-Mode
Efficient transfer of application data back to business application

It’s rare to find something truly remarkable.

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