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goSmart® ResourceManager

goSmart® ResourceManager provides efficient management and versioning
of document resources including version control.

Companies with a large number of form and document components need a tool for the client- and language-specific management of electronic forms and documents.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Designed for use with a large number of templates and referenced document components
  • Maximum security through role-based management of document resources
  • End-to-end traceability of all changes through integrated version control
  • Tremendous savings potential in the maintenance of document resources thanks to the reusability of uniform components
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Minimization of time and costs and maximization of test coverage through integrated test management (with goSmart® TestCenter add-on)
  • Multi-language support using the variant concept or text references (with goSmart® TextRepository add-on)

Features of goSmart® ResourceManager:

Role-based management of document resources

  • The management of document resources is organized based on the role (developer, tester, administrator, content editor) of the user => maximum security and traceability
  • Document types, layouts, components, tables, text blocks, graphics, and diagrams (charts) are supported as resource types

Integrated version control

  • Management of all versions that were created during the life cycle of a document and the associated resources
  • Full documentation of all changes to a document
  • History function
  • Compare different document versions and their resources

Automated staging

  • Staging refers to the three basic stages a document typically goes through during its creation process – development, testing (possibly multiple stages), and production
  • Automated, adaptable, and traceable staging process for the development, testing, and production of document types and their resources

Multi-client capability and project structuring

  • INVARIS ResourceManager allows work to be performed for multiple clients (e.g. customers, subsidiaries, branches, etc.) in a single program with separate user accounts without the users being able to see one another’s data
  • The centralized software only has to be installed once, which also saves on hardware and administration costs

Intuitive interface

  • Easy setup and configuration
  • The dashboard provides an overview of the document types in the given stage and provides easy access to the activities that can be performed
  • Direct integration into goSmart® Designer

Automated deployment

  • Manual or time-controlled deployment of document types and their resources
  • Compliance-suitable analysis of the history of deployed documents and their resources

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