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goSmart® ProcessManager

goSmart® ProcessManager allows you to optimally organize your document creation processes.


Optimal organization of document creation processes

The optimal organization of document creation processes and the associated savings potential are key considerations for every company. The legally compliant and traceable structuring of workflows minimizes security risks and increases transparency within the company.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • High performance, server-based process control (workflow management) with electronic forwarding or release to eliminate manual work processes and media discontinuity
  • Modern, intuitive user interface (HTML)
  • Time and cost savings through efficient process control
  • Service-oriented interfaces for rapid integration into customer-specific applications and IT infrastructure
  • Centralized template control through allocation on the basis of the user role and/or transaction
  • Integration of individual correspondence into automated delivery channels
  • User, role, and permissions management for comprehensive security (sensitive business processes)

Features of goSmart® ProcessManager:

Application interface

  • Web client
  • Mobile client
  • Multilingual interface
  • Role-based interface
  • Structured folder structure for processes based on transaction type and user role
  • Standard workflow actions

Workflow management

  • Integrated management of standard processes with freely definable workflow actions: review, forward, and approve/reject
  • Implementation of ad-hoc workflows
  • Notification by e-mail with the option to perform actions via hyperlinks
  • Processes can be accessed using hyperlinks
  • Extensive options for defining escalation and representation rules

Process orientation

  • Process definition includes all essential information for reproducing a transaction
  • Process contains definition of the document creation procedure
  • Shipment summary for multiple recipients
  • Connection to the company’s automated production and delivery channels
  • Integration into business processes in specialized applications
  • Combination of dialog-based data entry with WYSIWYG document editing

Dialog orientation

  • Fast, workflow-based data entry in dialogs saves time and costs
  • Dynamic dialog generation and dialog sequence based on the data entered
  • Control of document content for showing and hiding text passages
  • Definition of entry dialogs using a graphic interface without programming

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