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Intense competition and constant change require the highest level of customer orientation and maximum flexibility.

INVARIS solutions are used every day with great success in every industry and at businesses of every size.

Financial service providers

Intense competition and constant change require the highest level of customer orientation and maximum flexibility.

Secure growth/profitability through:

  • Effective customer communication
  • Business process optimization
  • Adherence to compliance criteria

The INVARIS solution meets all requirements for communication with customers and partners:

  • Account and securities account statements with personalized offers and messages are ideally suited for cross-selling, upselling, and customer retention (TransPromo)
  • Marketing campaigns with individualized content and direct e-mails increase sales success through considerably higher response rates
  • Significant acceleration of the contract conclusion process (lending/leasing/insurance/etc.) through the direct provision of individualized electronic documents with all relevant information at the point of sale
  • Electronic process control from the incoming data collection at the point of sale to the production of the documents saves time and money
  • Automate the preparation of correspondence for the processing of inquiries, damage claims, etc. in the customer care/service center
  • Uniform document presentation across all sales channels ensures consistency
  • Target group-specific customer contact via e-mail, Internet, or conventional mail
  • Fully automated document production without manual intervention prevents risk and errors
  • inistrative activities are minimized, allowing your sales team to focus on their essential tasks
  • “Self-service” applications with personalized application forms, offers, and contracts provide individual advisory at multifunctional bank terminals/kiosks or on online banking platforms

Utility / Communication

Power and water utilities, Internet/telecom/television providers, and similar companies are faced with tremendous competition these days. New products with lower rates are constantly thrown onto the market, leading to predatory competition that can be extreme at times.

Therefore, effective customer retention, the highest level of customer orientation, and maximum flexibility are crucial.

The INVARIS solution meets all requirements for customer communication – from the application to the correspondence to the contract.

Take your customer communication to the highest level:

  • Take advantage of the potential of periodic billing for cross-selling and upselling as well as maximizing customer loyalty
  • Efficiently solve the challenges caused in the area of billing documents through the sale of add-on products and product bundles
  • Personalize the content of your marketing campaigns and direct e-mails in order to significantly increase the response rate
  • Offer individual customer advisory in “self-service” situations such as at multifunctional kiosks or online by providing personalized forms, offers, contracts, and so forth while also ensuring the confidentiality of the documents
  • Ensure consistency across all sales channels through uniform document presentation and interaction

Optimize your sales processes:

  • Collect the relevant data in an efficient and user-friendly manner with direct integration of back-end systems
  • Prevent media discontinuity in the processing chain and increase data quality through the direct integration of the incoming data collection at the point of sale all the way through to the production of customer documents, all controlled via efficient workflows
  • Produce all required customer documents on a fully automated basis in a clearly arranged and appealing form and in the customer’s desired language
  • Accelerate the contract conclusion process by providing all relevant information on a targeted basis in the form of personalized electronic documents directly at the point of sale that can be printed out and signed immediately or signed digitally
  • Enable the sale of your products in shops, chains, and the like with effective, automated co-branding/rebranding functions in all documents, from the offer to the correspondence to the contract
  • Maximize the success of your sales team by eliminating administrative processes in the daily processing of customer cases and during sales talks with the on-demand provision of customer profiles, overviews, interactive offers, etc.

Public administration

Public administration is faced with tremendous challenges. On one hand, service quality has to be increased while on the other, lead times and processing times have to be minimized. And this often has to be accomplished while meeting enormous cost-cutting requirements.

The INVARIS platform makes major contributions to meeting these requirements and goals:

Interactive, intelligent electronic form processes:

  • promote citizen acceptance in the application process
  • prevent entry errors/duplicate entries/media discontinuity through the automatic provision of the collected data for further processing
  • enable self-service processes through the automatic provision of documents generated on the fly, such as official notices in a web browser

INTELLIGENT TEXT AUTOMATION optimizes the creation of individual correspondence/letters:

  • Intuitive WYSWIYG interface for all process steps
  • Automated generation of case-specific document content based on data
  • Secure document editing/revision/amendment
  • Workflow/release processes optimize editing by multiple people and offer traceability and revision security


Companies that operate on a Europe-wide and global basis in the industry/logistics and trade sectors have to deal with intense competition.

Efficient document management on the basis of the INVARIS platform represents a key prerequisite for business success:

  • Standardized platform for widely varied application landscapes covering everything from the preparation of offers and the internal documents associated with the production process and delivery to billing and communication with customers, suppliers, and partners
  • Highest standards for document generation simultaneously to the manufacturing process
  • Extensive support for specific output devices such as bar code and label printers
  • Support for all languages while simultaneously minimizing the translation and maintenance effort

It’s rare to find something truly remarkable.

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