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goSmart® JobManager

goSmart® JobManager is a powerful system for the efficient management and processing of documents. Key functions include the collection, bundling, and sorting of documents, e.g. for mail optimization in order to prevent multiple mailings.


Forms and documents in various formats

Today, companies and agencies are required to produce forms and documents in various formats using different applications. At the same time, they have to distribute and/or send them in a multitude of different ways: from traditional mail, e-mail, text message, or delivery via web portals to archiving, electronic records, and electronic data exchange such as EDIFACT or electronic invoicing.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Optimized distribution, regardless of the delivery channel
  • Complete control over every document (traceability and compliance)
  • Detailed anaysis/reports including cost center allocation
  • Fast automation without scripting/programming
  • Universal integration of a wide range of applications is possible
  • Optional enclosure management for shipments
  • Time- or event-based production management

Features of goSmart® JobManager:

Input processing

  • Collection and analysis of input packets from various specialized applications and goSmart® ProcessManager
  • Indexed storage of document metadata in the database

Assembly of output packets

  • Compilation of collections
  • Filtering according to document metadata
  • Creation of shipments according to bundling and sorting criteria
  • Enhancement of shipments with enclosures and cover sheets
  • Envelope layout in accordance with postage class definitions

Output processing

  • Manual or automated launch of output jobs
  • Creation of job information for production, e.g. for the print provider
  • Monitoring for tracking output jobs
  • Initiation of reprints

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