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goSmart® Designer

The goSmart® Designer is a brilliantly simple and professional design system for all document processes and application areas.


Professional communication

Professional communication with documents and forms hits the mark with a clear, attractive, and understandable corporate design. A document has to be associated with the sender at first glance, convey its message in a way that is easy to understand, and evoke the intended reaction in the recipient. Thus, it is clear that the creation of document templates is a key output management process that requires the use of a professional tool.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Easy to use – no programming skills required thanks to the intuitive WYSIWYG user interface
  • Saves time and costs in the design process through reusable document components (e.g. text blocks, tables, adaptable graphics, charts) and integrated test mode
  • Quick and flexible editing through functions such as drag and drop
  • Maximum security and traceability thanks to role-based permissions concept
  • Prevention of “document sprawl” and compliance with corporate identity requirements on the basis of a centralized resource base

Features of goSmart® Designer:

Easy to operate user interface

  • Multiple-document interface allows user to work on multiple projects at the same time
  • Simplified operation thanks to integrated tree view

Compliance with corporate design

  • Over 50 different standard graphic formats can be imported and scaled
  • International typeface standards are supported
  • Both RGB and CMYK color models are supported

Professional design tools

  • Graphic positioning tools for easy and precise positioning
  • Wide selection of form and field objects (e.g. lines, squares, text fields)
  • The key object attributes can be changed quickly using toolbars
  • Lines, squares, and complex form components are automatically placed again using the “Repeat Object” function
  • Undo/redo operation freely definable – numerous work steps possible
  • The “Power Search” function allows you to search for text in multiple projects
  • Online help

Fully dynamic document creation

  • Component management saves time and ensures optimal reusability
  • Working with text blocks makes it easy to use the application
  • Easy and flexible handling of tables
  • Easy and flexible handling of charts

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