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Create document templates quickly and easily

Many customers call it “easy.” The INVARIS team calls it “efficiency redefined.”

When communication, documents, and templates are created quickly and easily, there’s more time for employees to worry about what matters most: the company’s business success.

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goSmart® Designer

Simple and professional design system for all document processes and application areas
Create CI-compliant document templates for all output channels quickly, easily, and on a centralized basis without programming skills

Intuitive WYSIWYG user interface
Reusable document components
Role-based permissions concept
Quick and flexible editing using drag and drop
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goSmart® ResourceManager

Efficient and effective management and version control for document and form components
Consistent documentation of all changes from the specification all the way to production

For a high number of templates and referenced document components
End-to-end traceability for all changes
Enormous savings potential through the reuse of uniform document components
Easy-to-use graphical user interface
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goSmart® TextRepository

Database-driven text management for different languages and clients
Creation and maintenance of multi-client capable, multilingual document templates and forms

Easy to realize and administer via web interface
Dynamic form and document contents
Improvement of text quality (context-sensitive)
Reduction of costs through centralized changes and corrections

The simplicity of efficiency

Efficiency is much more than just working fast. Efficiency means simplicity, speed, and the simultaneous minimization of error sources at all levels. And that’s what the INVARIS workflow is all about.


It’s better to get good consulting beforehand than to be totally frustrated after the fact.


Your optimal solution, tailored to your needs.

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“It doesn’t work” is not an option. You need solutions that are reliable.


Regular updates and expansion packs with premium service.


“How can we help you?” instead of e-mail blah-blah. Personal support for you.

It’s rare to find something truly remarkable.

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