• goSmart® DCS
    (Document Composition System)

goSmart® DCS offers you a pioneering software system for the automated generation of dynamic documents from almost any data source.

These days, companies and  public authorities use a wide range of procedures and tools for creating forms and documents. These traditional solutions often have serious shortcomings with regard to user and customer acceptance, maintenance-friendliness, response speed when a change is required, process optimisation, and operational reliability and tamper-proofing.


  • Create the dynamic document layout without any coding
  • Dynamic contents with full-colour support for multi-client, multilingual documents
  • Maximum performance and flexibility
  • Multi-channel output: Flexible document preparation for printing, viewing, archiving and web-based applications
  • Versatile interfaces that can be included in specialist applications
  • Resource management incl. version control and publication using goSmart® ResourceManager
  • Monitoring and management of the processing steps in the web interface


  • Simple integration into specialist applications using standard interfaces, such as a web service, message queues, XML-RPC, LPR/LPD, hot folder monitoring or customer-specific interfaces
  • Ability to process various data formats, such as XML, CSV, line data, SAP-RDI, SAP-XSF, SAP-XFP, etc.
  • Synchronously connected with the document return or asynchronously connected with the status return
  • Usually, all of the data for the preparation is delivered; incomplete data can be analysed, corrected and/or enhanced in a preliminary process 
  • The document preparation service can be operated as needed in various environments – from a laptop to a high-performance server.
  • Separation of instances for mass production and on-demand processing, including package prioritising
  • Reliability through the use of common cluster concepts on Windows and Linux servers
  • Configure the document preparation processes
  • Configure the pre- and post-processing processes
  • Monitor the system and processing status
  • Reset incorrect packages or restart the current processing step
  • Parallel preparation of multiple document formats in one processing step
  • Output channel selected using metadata
  • Native creation of common document formats such as PCL (5e, 5c, 6, XL), PostScript, AFPDS, label printers (ZPL, CPL, EPL, IGP, CAB), etc.
  • Native creation of various PDF types (PDF/A, PDF/UA, PDF with fields)
  • Archive support using PDF or TIFF and the corresponding index information
  • Preparation of electronic document formats using HTML, e-mail and text message
  • Step-by-step execution and monitoring of a processing chain
  • User-specific enhancements are possible using Python scripts
  • Controlling mail servers and SMS gateways