• goSmart® ProcessManager

With goSmart® ProcessManager, you can optimise and design your document creation processes perfectly

Every company has its sights set on designing document creation processes as effectively as possible and achieving the savings potential this offers. Having a legally-compliant, trackable workflow system minimises the security risk and increases transparency within the company.

THE ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE:                                                                                                            

  • High-performance, server-based process management (workflow management) with electronic forwarding or approval for an end-to-end process avoiding format inconsistencies
  • Modern and intuitive user interface (HTML)
  • Efficient process management saves time and money
  • Service-oriented interfaces for fast integration into custom applications and IT infrastructures
  • Central template management through allocation based on user roles or the business transaction
  • Integration of individual correspondence into automated sending channels
  • User, role and rights management to ensure comprehensive security (sensitive business transactions)

FEATURES OF goSmart® ProcessManager:

  • Web client
  • Mobile client
  • Multilingual interface
  • Role-based interface
  • Clear folder structure for processes by business type and user role
  • Standard workflow actions
  • Integrated management of standard processes with freely definable workflow actions: check, forward and approve/reject
  • Implementation of ad-hoc workflows
  • Notification by e-mail with the option of executing actions via hyperlink
  • Process initiation via hyperlink
  • Extensive options for defining escalation and substitution rules
  • Process definition comprises all key information for mapping a business case
  • Process includes definition of the document creation procedure
  • Compilation of mailings for multiple recipients
  • Connection to the company's automated production and sending channels
  • Integration into the business processes of specialist applications
  • Combination of dialogue-based data collection with WYSIWYG document editing
  • Fast workflow-controlled data collection in dialogues saves time and money
  • Dynamic dialogue generation and dialogue sequence based on the data collected
  • Document content management to show and hide passages of text
  • Definition of input dialogues using graphic interface with no programming required