• goSmart® ResourceManager

goSmart® ResourceManager offers efficient document resource management and versioning, including version management.    

Companies with a large number of form and document modules need a tool for client-specific and language-specific management of electronic forms and documents.


  • Geared towards a high number of templates and referenced modules
  • Maximum security thanks to the role-based management of the document resources
  • Complete traceability of all changes thanks to integrated version management
  • Enormous savings potential in document resource maintenance thanks to the use of reusable standardised modules
  • Easy to operate thanks to the graphical user interface
  • Minimisation of time and costs and maximisation of test coverage thanks to integrated test management (with goSmart® TestCenter)
  • Multilingual support with the help of the variant concept or using text references (with goSmart® TextRepository)

FEATURES OF goSmart® ResourceManager:

  • Document resource management is organised according to the role (developer, tester, administrator,
    content editor, etc.) that the relevant user holds => maximum security and transparency
  • Document types, layouts, components, tables, text modules, graphics and charts are supported as
    resource types.
  • All versions that are produced over the course of a document's life cycle are managed
  • Seamless documentation of all changes to a document
  • History function
  • Compare various document versions and their resources
  • Staging describes, as a minimum, the three stages through which a document passes in the process  of being created – development, testing (may encompass several stages), production
  • Automated, adjustable and traceable staging process for developing, testing and producing document types and their resources
  • The INVARIS ResourceManager can handle multiple clients (e.g. customers, subsidiaries, branch offices, etc.) with separate user accounts in the same software installation without these users being able to view each others' data.
  • The central software only has to be installed once, which also saves on hardware and administration costs
  • Easy to set up and configure
  • The dashboard provides an overview of the document types in the relevant stage, and very conveniently offers possible activities for this
  • Direct integration into goSmart® Designer
  • Manual or time-controlled publication of document types and their resources
  • Compliant evaluation of the history of productive document types and their resources