• goSmart® TestCenter

The goSmart® TestCenter is an integrated quality control system that carries out multi-stage test runs to check the effects of changes made to a document.

Companies nowadays deal with an ever-increasing number of documents in different formats, versions and variants. Changes to documents or new software releases are especially critical. In such cases, it is essential to quickly identify what effects the changes to the documents will have, and it must be ensured that any new software release delivers the same results as its predecessor.


  • Detailed presentation of manual and automated test runs
  • Elimination of laborious troubleshooting processes saves time and money
  • Clear document management
  • Clear presentation of test results (test cockpit)
  • Interface for integrating third-party software for comparison purposes
  • Simultaneous testing of multiple output channels
  • The document does not enter the next stage (e.g. production) until the test results are positive

FEATURES OF goSmart® TestCenter:

  • Test run definition for efficient testing of multiple document types
  • Fast and reliable test results
  • Clear presentation of results
  • Wide variety of test options with variable assignment of test cases
  • All test scenarios can be covered
  • Correct document presentation for every output channel
  • Definition of reference documents for comparison purposes
  • Document view testing (PDF)
  • Print data stream (AFP, PostScript, PCL) testing using external comparison tools
  • Clear presentation with filter function
  • Results can be exported to standard MS Office programs
  • Logging of all tests carried out
  • Workflow automation
  • Integration into the staging process
  • Clear separation of tests through rights management