• goSmart® FormStation® nXt

goSmart® FormStation® nXt enables interactive form editing and automated text processing in the user-friendly WYSIWYG mode.

Forms and documents visually represent you as a company, providing a trusted user interface, a structured way of presenting information and a means of promoting your image to customers. Focussing on essential content is becoming more important than ever given the information overload we face today.


  • Interactive form and document editing
  • Fully dynamic page preparation
    (no limitations for complex document layouts)
  • Interactive form data collection
  • Adherence to corporate design and compliance requirements
  • Document is displayed true to the original in editing mode
  • Freely definable editing options
  • Context-specific selection of alternative text passages
  • Run in a HTML5 Web browser

FEATURES OF goSmart® FormStation® nXt:

  • Components, tables, text modules and variable graphics available
  • For data validation and display purposes, text, number, date, time, barcode and graphic input field types are provided, along with checkboxes and word processing fields that grow dynamically
  • Data-based dynamic document structuring
  • Dynamic document structure can be defined without any programming
  • WYSIWYG document editing for user-friendly implementation of automated business correspondence
  • Seamless integration into online customer interaction portals and specialized applications (eg. CRM systems)
  • Freely configurable editing options
  • Company-specific configuration of formatting options
  • Integrated multilingual spellcheck 
  • Output on all online and offline channels by free choice of output form
  • Integration into central document output management
  • No client or plug-in installation necessary
  • Simple roll-out, regardless of used device
  • Reduction of current administrative costs and increased security and recency of application
  • Extension of existing applications: easy integration into onlineportals as well as specialized applications

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